If you're in the mood to go garage-sailing or if you're just looking to find some quality items, at reasonable prices, you've come to the right place!

Our goal at Local Yard and Garage Sales Online (LYAGSO) is multi-purpose ...

These are tough economic times and we want to do our part to help everyone reduce, resue, and recycle.

We, also, want to help you 'clear the clutter' from your homes with our online and local yard sales classified ad listings!

That thinking is how we came up with our idea and here's how or (for short) works ...

We will post all of your auctions, garage sales, yard sales, moving sales, estate sales, tag sales, or any other rummage sales (in the United States)  - just REGISTER AS A SELLER and submit them.

Our online sales venue allows you to sell your unwanted or no longer needed items (for an undetermined period of time), so you can find a buyer and clear out your home.  By registering, we are setting you up with your own sales place so that you can be found in YOUR LOCAL AREA!  Plus, we show them to potential customers throughout the entire United States, but most importantly, to buyers who will be in your area and looking for what you've got!

You will be able to list UNLIMITED items for as long as you want.  We don't put time limits on your products so, as long as you are a member, you can leave your item listed until you remove it upon selling it.  Potential buyers will browse through your online 'shop' and purchase your products directly from you.  Local Yard And Garage Sales Online (LYAGSO) is NOT involved in any transactions between a buyer and a seller.

As such, we urge everyone to use respect and exercise common sense when setting up time to meet or sell items.  We highly recommend meeting at well-lit, public places with many other people around.  We advise against people inviting strangers to your home.

As such, you can (also) use Local Yard And Garage Sales Online (LYAGSO) as an online selling venue WITHOUT any listing prices or final value fees when an item sells.

You will be in complete control over your products, your information, your prices, and all of your sales.  You gain the ability to sell an UNLIMITED amount of stuff 24 hours a day (even while you're sleeping).

Why not REGISTER NOW to start selling your extra stuff!!!


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