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Product name 500 Marketing Envelopes
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Box of 500 White Business Card Marketing Envelopes
with or without SECURITY TINT

These business card marketing envelopes are excellent advertisements for your company as they go through the mail and make your business stand out!

The business card marketing envelopes are a standard #10 white-woven business envelope (approximately 9 1/2 inches x 4 1/8 inches) with a clear (non-distorted) see-through window placed in the return address area. The window pocket is large enough to see the whole business card, business card magnet, or other same-sized promotional insert. The window pocket holds the business card (or business card magnet) securely in place as it goes through the mail so that it is always clearly visible. The photos on this page are digital scans of the actual business card marketing envelopes with my business card in them. Please note the photos have been reduced in size in order to make the specialty envelopes fit on this page but ARE actual scans of the business card advertising and marketing envelopes for sale.

After the envelope arrives at its final destination, the recipient can easily pull out your business card and add it to their rolodex. Your customers will think of you every time they flip through and see it. It's a perfect advertising and marketing tool for any business!

We have these custom-made marketing envelopes manufactured specifically for us. But, in order to make the cost of ordering these custom-manufactured specialty envelopes feasible, we are required to purchase them in large quantities of 50,000 envelopes per production run. Since we purchase them in such large quantities, they are affordable enough for even the smallest of businesses.

They come in plain white or in plain white WITH security tint on inside of envelopes.

These envelopes can be picked up locally OR shipped for $17.50/per box via USPS Priority Mail and will include Tracking. 
If interested in larger quantities, we do provide shipping discounts for cases (5 boxes of 500 envelopes).

If interested in these envelopes, please call 319-334-7139.

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I'm cleaning out our house and getting rid of extra stuff that we don't need. Please keep checking back as I'll be adding more items as time permits. If you are interested in any of my stuff, call 319-334-7139. Thank you.

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