Heavy Duty Children's Shelf
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Product name Heavy Duty Children's Shelf
Weight 15 LBS
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Heavy Duty Children's Primary-Colored Shelf

This is a heavy duty children's shelf in primary colors (red, blue, yellow, green).  It has been a great shelf for use in the kids' rooms but we no longer have a need for it.

Every time we set it outside for a garage sale (to lay clothes on), we get asked if we will sell it ... however, we were using it in my child's room ... until now.  And, we won't be having another garage/yard sale until next year but I'd like to clear out the space. 

We were using it for holding 6 large boxes (2 boxes on each shelf with each box weighing approximately 45 lbs) ... so, each shelf was holding approximately 90 lbs in total.  It is a very nice, heavy-duty shelf that should last someone a very long time!

The dimensions for this shelf are:  34'' wide x 38.'' tall x 14'' deep.

This is for local pick-up only.

If interested, please call 319-334-7139.

Thank you for looking!

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Country US

I'm cleaning out our house and getting rid of extra stuff that we don't need. Please keep checking back as I'll be adding more items as time permits. If you are interested in any of my stuff, call 319-334-7139. Thank you.

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