32-inch Sanyo TV
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Product name 32-inch Sanyo TV
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32-inch Sanyo TV

This tv works wonderfully but we are needing the space in the bedroom so we're getting rid of this big screen tv.  It comes with the remote control and the original manual.  The screen size is 32.5'' from corner to corner.  It is 28.5'' Tall x 29.5'' Wide x 22.5'' Deep.  It is a smaller sized box for a larger sized tv.  We got it right before flat panels started coming out so the actual box isn't as large as the older style.

We currently have it hooked up to a Roku and converter box.  It displays just as well as our 1080p high definition flat panel in the living room.  In fact, it is even clearer and sharper and it looks like it is a high definition with the tv programs (Channel 7, etc).

We, also, had it hooked up to a Playstation3 and it played our dvd's and the movie-quality was exceptional.

You can see the tv cabinet that it is sitting on, we are getting rid of this, too.  You can see more information about the cabinet in our other listing.

This is for local pick-up only.

If interested in this larger tv, please call 319-334-7139.

Thank you for looking!

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I'm cleaning out our house and getting rid of extra stuff that we don't need. Please keep checking back as I'll be adding more items as time permits. If you are interested in any of my stuff, call 319-334-7139. Thank you.

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