Coffee Table - TV Cabinet
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Product name Coffee Table - TV Cabinet
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Coffee Table - TV Cabinet

This CoffeeTable/TV Cabinet goes with a variety of styles.  It measures approximately 43.5'' wide x 23.5'' tall x 19.5'' deep.  The doors slide open on each side and can be easily popped off to thoroughly clean both sides of the glass.  I modified the doors slightly by adding a velcro strip that allows fabric to adhere to the frame.  In the pictures, you can see the silky material.  It can easily be removed without fuss if you just want the plain glass/see-through look.  For me, though, I wanted to hide the clutter that was in the cabinet (game consoles, video games, cords, controllers, etc).

It currently is a little loose (from my son moving it to and from his apartment a couple of times) and pops apart at the base but a little wood glue should strengthen it up nicely again.  I'll let a more experienced handy person do this because I don't want to get glue all over.

However, before letting my son use this, it held my 42" big screen tv (which weighs approximately 85 lbs).

This video cabinet is for local pick up only.

If interested in this cabinet, call 319-334-7139.

Thank you for looking!

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I'm cleaning out our house and getting rid of extra stuff that we don't need. Please keep checking back as I'll be adding more items as time permits. If you are interested in any of my stuff, call 319-334-7139. Thank you.

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