Dyson DC07 Full Kit Upright Vaccuum
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Product name Dyson DC07 Full Kit Upright Vaccuum
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Dyson DC07 Full Kit Upright Vaccuum

This upright vaccuum is in really good condition and vaccuums just as good as it did when we first got it.  We have two Dyson vaccuums (we bought one for the spare house and one for this house that we're living in) ... we got rid of the spare house and now only need the one vaccuum.

This works great for allergy sufferers (which is why we bought it) ... you can always see everything that you didn't know was in your carpet until you vaccuumed it up.  You will be surprised - not in a good way!

It originally cost over $500 but, since we're cleaning out the house, you can have it for $235.00.  It comes with the attachments and original manuals and information.

I highly recommend this for anyone with allergies.

I have a bunch of other listings on, too ... so, please take a look at them ... I want to rid the house of all the things we no longer use.

If interested, call 319-334-7139.  This vaccuum is for local pick-up only.

Thank you for looking!


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I'm cleaning out our house and getting rid of extra stuff that we don't need. Please keep checking back as I'll be adding more items as time permits. If you are interested in any of my stuff, call 319-334-7139. Thank you.

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